We activate brands with big imaginations.

With a desire to mobilize enthusiastic brands, we leverage business growth by capitalizing on our global insights with a progressive mentality. By focusing on strategies that maintain relevance in evolving markets, we take advantage of current and emerging trends, while prioritizing sustainability to build a meaningful, life-long legacy.

01 Dream

02 Realize

03 Support

Large E-commerce Retailer

Launch of new in-house brand for broader market

By leveraging our team we efficiently created, produced, and launched 40 unique footwear and apparel styles, growing the brand’s target consumer.

Seraphina Therapeutics / Fatty15

Fractional Chief Product and Brand Officer

While supporting the brand’s fundraising efforts, we implemented a 3-year innovation strategy to support exponential growth and identified opportunities for future investment.

Semi-Permanent Tattoos

Mentor for Director of Innovation

We guided the brand through its product ideation, design, and creation, as well as supported them in change management.

Hair Care

Board advisor supporting global growth

We expanded the brand’s international network by implementing sustainably-driven strategies to progress their pioneering products.

Luxury Footwear for Her

Commercializing innovation

Explore the epitome of European luxury in our women's footwear range developed for a new client. They are expertly crafted to seamlessly blend comfort into each step, creating a perfect intersection of life and sportstyle.

High-End Performance Outerwear

Product Development and Design for Premium Collection

We developed comprehensive design and tech packs to expedite production.


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